Maintenance Tips

Keep your Bo Device Dry and Clean

The best way to ensure the longevity of your Bo One and to maximise performance is to regularly clean your Bo One device. This also helps prevent any battery issues

All you need is a dry cotton bud or paper towel, we find using a clean cotton bud the easiest and most effective! Remove the Bo e-liquid cap from the Bo One battery.

Then clean the area where you insert the Bo Caps with your dry clean cotton bud or paper towel by wiping the base and walls of the cavity and around the connection pins. 

Clean area where you insert the Bo Caps

Invert your device/battery (turn upside down) and hold the cotton bud gently against the connection pins at the base of the cavity.

Hold for a minute or two to ensure the cotton bud collects any liquid condensation.

Please ensure you do not apply any pressure on the connection pins as this may cause damage.



Clean the charging connection points at the base of you Bo One device (battery) and do the same with the magnetic USB charging dock and USB cable so that all points are clean and dry.

Clean base connection points   Clean Bo One charger   Residue on cotton tip after cleaning