Lifetime Warranty - Bo One

Is your Bō One eligible for the Lifetime Warranty?

The following conditions must be met to qualify for the Bō One device lifetime warranty. You must:

✓ Have purchased your Bo One in New Zealand and be living in New Zealand.

✓ Be the original purchaser of the Bō One device, supplied with Bō Code that has been registered with us within (10) business days of the date of purchase of the Bo Device.

✓ The lifetime warranty does not apply to purchases made via a promotion.

✓ To claim your replacement you must contact us to arrange the return of your Bō One device, supplied with Bō Code, we will also require proof of purchase (a copy of your purchase receipt).

Can’t find your Warranty Code? Your Bo Code is written under the section/leaflet “BO Life Time Warranty” in your device’s packaging box.

Read our full Terms and Conditions. 

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