What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes enable you to inhale nicotine through a vapour rather than smoke. They are an alternative nicotine delivery system that offers a similar sensation to smoking without the combustion of tobacco and do not produce tar and carbon monoxide.

What are cost savings of vaping?

Using an e-cigarette feels remarkably like smoking. E-cigarette vapour leaves no lingering odour and costs far less – with Bō Vaping the cost is roughly a third of that of smoking.

What is nicotine salt?

In its natural state within the tobacco leaf, the nicotine molecule is a salt. The extracting process turns the nicotine into a free base form of nicotine which is what is used in standard e-liquids.

One of the most challenging experiences of switching from smoking to vaping is adjusting to the different way in which the body absorbs the nicotine in e-liquid. Most vapers have been used to freebase nicotine (standard e-liquid). With freebase nicotine it is very harsh on the throat when vaping higher strengths and as a result most people drop the strength in order to vape comfortably.

The potential issue here is that vapers may vape more in order to get the nicotine hit they are craving. With standard e-liquid, you may not feel a “nicotine hit” as you might with smoking as the nicotine absorbs more slowly. Research suggests that nicotine salts may produce a feeling that more similar to nicotine hit with smoking without the harshness and therefore the level overall satisfaction when you vape may ease the transition from smoking to vaping.

Converting liquid nicotine back to a salt allows it to be vaped in a low-temperature vaping device, an e-liquid containing nicotine salts and a high nicotine strength can potentially produce a blood-nicotine concentration nearly as high what a person would get when smoking. The nicotine salt is also less harsh on the throat therefore enabling higher strengths to be vaped more comfortably.

The potential benefit of nicotine salts is that they may increase the satisfaction you derive from vaping. If the nicotine strength that you select is the correct one for your needs, you may find that switching to nicotine salts will give you an experience more similar to that of smoking a traditional cigarette. E-liquids with nicotine salts produce the ideal performance characteristics in smaller e-cigarettes that operate at lower wattages and temperatures.

Which strength nicotine will best suit me?

Bō Vaping offers 3 different nicotine strengths and also zero nicotine e-liquids.

- 50mg/ml Highest strength nicotine: For people smoking 20 cigarettes or more per day

- 30mg/ml Medium strength nicotine: For the casual smoker to moderate smokers (averaging 10+ cigarettes a day)

- 0mg/ml Zero nicotine: For those seeking a sensation without the nicotine or lowering their nicotine intake.

Please note: Our nicotine strength recommendations are suitable only for the Bō Vaping system.

What’s in e-liquid?

E-liquid is the substance that your e-cigarette uses to create vapour. When you inhale the vapour, you taste the flavour of the e-liquid. If the e-liquid contains nicotine, you absorb the nicotine through your mouth, throat and lungs.

E-liquid is a combination of the following ingredients with and without nicotine. Bō Vaping e-liquid is produced in France and do not contain any diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl.

The Base - Propylene Glycol (PG) & Vegetable Glycerine (VG) are used in many food and pharmaceutical applications

The Flavour – Bō has launched with Gold Tobacco (bold, rich tobacco), Sweet Tobacco, Polar Mint & Melon flavours.

Nicotine – Bō uses Nicotine salt which provides a more satisfying & smoother experience than traditional nicotine e-liquids.

If you prefer to experience the sensation of smoking without consuming nicotine, you can buy 0mg Bō e-liquid Caps.

How does the sensation of vaping compare to smoking?

Although most vapers are entirely happy with vaping, some find it challenging to select the right vape kit. Finding the right nicotine strength and a device that is reliable, convenient and easy to use, will help ensure you enjoy vaping.

Many people find that vaping feels just like smoking right from their first use of an e-cigarette. For others, it takes a little while to adjust to the differences such as flavour. Vaping offers different flavours other than tobacco and menthol such as fruits.

Although e-cigarettes may contain nicotine, they lack many of the other chemicals in tobacco smoke. If you switch to vaping or discontinue your intake of chemicals consumed through smoking, it may take your body a few days to adjust to the changes.

Once you become accustomed to inhaling vapour rather than dry smoke, you’ll probably find that the feeling you get from vaping is similar as what you remember from smoking.

Are e-cigarettes safe?

Public Health of England has estimated that vaping is likely to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Public Health England endorse vaping as a key tool switching from smoking.  

New Zealand Ministry of Health says “there is a good rationale for people to use e-cigarettes to help them stop smoking.” Research into the long-term safety of e-cigarettes is still ongoing. Learn more from the New Zealand Ministry of Health Vaping Facts website. 

Are e-cigarettes for everyone?

Nicotine is highly addictive, it is recommended that people who don't smoke, do not take up vaping. Vaping is restricted to those 18 years and above and pregnant women should refrain from vaping and nicotine.