Vape Wise with Bo Vaping

The independent vape industry is revolutionising harm reduction around the world. Led by a globally experienced team, Vape Wise brings together extensive industry knowledge to source brands which adhere to strict internal and regulatory compliance programs. 

Involved in the vape industry since 2012 and free from any ownership or control by tobacco companies, our motivated and passionate team is continuously working to provide the best products and service.

Our customer’s satisfaction is pivotal to our success. Our strength lies in not only best sourced and manufactured products but also through providing knowledgeable support and education throughout our customers' vaping journey.  Harm reduction is core to our offering.

Vape Wise with Bō Vaping. Premium quality, complaint with the highest manufacturing standards. 

About Bō Vaping

Experience the next level in vaping with Bō Vaping by J Well France. Bō's smart design and technology is the anatomy of perfection, the starting point being premium materials of the finest quality and working passionately to bring customers around the globe pure vaping pleasure.

After dedicating strong, continued investment into research and development, the Parisian company turned to international markets and is now present in 25 countries.

The devices are designed in France and J Well’s dedicated e-liquid factory creates market-leading products of unrivalled quality, born of the utmost attention to detail and constant innovation in the disciplines of formulation and flavour creation.

Bo Vaping e-liquids are produced in France with obsessive care and rigour in a process which yields exceptional aromatic properties in all their products, bringing consumers a truly gourmet vaping experience with exquisite intensity of flavour.  Bō's e-liquids are pharmaceutical-grade and flavourings are guaranteed diacetyl-free, paraben-free and ambrox-free. Bo Vaping products are fully compliant with the TPD which regulates vaping manufacturing standards in the UK & EU.

Bō utilises refined nicotine salt technology to deliver a more satisfying experience and a technologically-advanced device. The brand represents the next generation of the electronic cigarette.